Creatio features an easy to use coin creator engine, which in just a few easy steps can make a custom cryptocurrency, and bring to life your coin ideeas without strong technical knowledge, in less than a day.


Codebases used for the coin creation process, are technically up to date, and are ready to be used with modern mining equipments too, excluding the possibility of an uneven distribution caused by old difficulty retarget standards.


A wide range of features and options are available to be implemented in the wallets, from simple, basic features to in-wallet facilities like a block explorer, website display, blockchain messaging, etc.

  • Test it now!

    Creatio team released test binaries for most available desktop platforms even before the official launch of the coin, to raise investors confidence by giving the opportunity to test CREATIO wallet. Download the official wallets and check for yourself that we are not trying to sell an imaginary product. Everything is finished and is ready to be launched on 27/11/2016

  • Escrowed ICO

    For maximum investor safety, CREATIO uses a direct Escrow address for investments, meaning that no funds are going to reach our hands before meeting certain rules like a successful launch, working coin, working blockchain, fair distribution of funds, etc.

  • Value from first day

    Creatio is one of the rare cryptocurrencies that is having a utility from day 0. All the payments are exclusively in XCRE, therefore all those users who are willing to use CREATIO services must buy XCRE and this creates a great demand for the coin and usage from the first day.

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CREATIO In-wallet features

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In-wallet coin creator
Navigate to the "CREATE" tab, and having your own cryptocurrency is just a few easy steps away

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Online window
In this tab you can find all the CREATIO related links, downloads and guides.

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In-wallet stake report
Here you can follow and check all the staking related statistics.

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